Refuge, Asylum, Detention: A Feminist and Queer Lens Event Recording

On February 3rd, faculty, alumni, and current students discussed refuge through a feminist and queer lense. We explored how gender and sexuality shape refuge, asylum, and detention; how feminist and queer standpoints illuminate the structures that produce and sustain global apartheid; and how refugees and their allies resist these forces. 

The panelists included Elif Sari '21, Martha McCain Postdoctoral Fellow at the Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, University of Toronoto; Prameela Kottapalli, student in the Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and College Scholar ('23) Programs; and Saida Hodžić, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. 

To watch the recording, register for the event through this link. Click "start now" to register. You will gain access to the recording once you have registered. 

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