LGBT Studies Guest Lectures 2016-Present

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Year Guest Institution  Title of Lecture 
Fall 2020 Nicole Seymour CSU Fullerton "Queer Ecologies of Glitter"
Fall 2020 Howard Chiang  UC Davis "LGBT East Asia: Transtopia in the Sinophone Pacific"
Fall 2019 Lily Wong American University 

"Sex Work, Movement Politics, and  Affect in the Sinophone World"

Spring 2019 Shanté Paradigm Smalls St. John's University  "Performing Black Death Drop: Transness, Femmesness, and Public Protest"
Spring 2019 Pedro J. DiPietro Syracuse University "Hallucinating Knowing: The Transing Repetoires of Latina Feminisms"
Fall 2018 Jonathan Katz University at Buffalo "Warhol's Queerness and the End of Distinction" 
Fall 2018 Calvin Warren Emory University  "What is a (Black) Faggot? Cinema, Exorbitance, and Moonlight's Metaphysical Question"
Spring 2018 Regina Kunzel Princeton University  "In Treatment: Psychiatry and the Archives of Modern Sexuality"
Spring 2018 Marc Epprecht Queen's University  "Reflections on the Struggle for Sexual Minority Rights in Zimbabwe"
Fall 2017 Ramzi Fawaz University of Wisconsin, Madison  "Stripped to the Bone: Sequencing Queerness in the Comic Strip Work of Joe Brainard and David Wojnarowicz"
Fall 2017 Hsiao-Wen Cheng University of Pennsylvania "Before Sexual and Normal: Shifting Categories of Sexual Anomalies from Ancient to 14th-Century China"
Spring 2017 Vanessa Agard-Jones Columbia University  "After the End of the World: Black/Queer Life and Anthropocence"
Spring 2017 Alice Bag   Book reading
Spring 2017 Marco Collins, Tiffany Naiman, and Michelle Quisneberry   Film screening: "The Glamour and the Squalor: The Story of Marco Collins" and Q&A
Fall 2016 Pussy Riot   Cornell Punk Fest