Doctoral student to speak in Soup & Hope series

Alex Nik Pasqualini, a Ph.D student in the music department in the College of Arts and Sciences, will give a talk as part of the Soup & Hope series on Feb. 23 at noon in Sage Chapel. Their talk will be about how they turned toward learning and education in some of life's most challenging moments.

Pasqualini’s research is focused on the intersections of popular music, activism and queer community building, with a recent focus on the 1990s queer-feminist-punk music of riot grrrl and queercore. Coming from Southwestern Ontario, Pasqualini completed their bachelor’s degree in music at the University of Western Ontario and a master of arts in musicology with the collaborative Sexual Diversity Studies Program from the University of Toronto. They have been the recipient of several major academic awards, such as the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s master’s Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Government of Canada and an invitation to present at The Undergraduate Awards Global Summit in Dublin, Ireland. 

“I chose to speak at the event as a way to connect and share parts of my story and my complicated relationship with hope with the wider Cornell community,” Pasqualini said. “I am always eager to learn from others' stories, though I haven't heard too many like my own from my peers at Cornell, so I wanted to lend my voice. I also love soup!”

Soup & Hope is a six-week speaker series in which speakers share personal stories of hope. Talks reflect speakers’ diverse cultural, religious, political and philosophical beliefs and experiences of hope. Each talk is available in person and via livestream.

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